Seamlessly lose weight and keep it of for good with the most enjoyable, the most effective and the healthiest diet according to scientists

Get the weight down, stay in shape and enjoy better health


Many women who suffer from extra weight need to hit the reset button in order to see success with their weight loss efforts, but it can often be a frustrating experience and a big challenge.

Eliminate the confusion and save your time, money, and energy with a tried and true method.

The best part, you can customize your diet to your liking after following the guidance given to you at the beginning. 

This Bundle is for you if…

You struggle to lose weight

You have tried many diets and they all failed

You gained weight after one or several pregnancies

You want to enjoy what you eat without feeling guilty

You want to have fun cooking by yourself or with your children

You want recipes that are simple and that your whole family will enjoy

You are ready to have an enjoyable diet reset that you will adopt as a lifestyle

You want a diet that not only will make you lose weight but that will stabilize your weight for good

You want to follow a diet that won’t put your health at risk and that will actually boost your immune system

you need a realistic and proven method that not only you will enjoy but that will help you lose those extra pounds once and for all

Why is this made for all women? 

All material are downloadable right away after your purchase and can be read on your phone, tablet or computer!

What You Will Get Today When You Order This Plan

Recipes Book $28 Value

Contains +50 plant-based delicious and easy recipes, including meat substitutes, egg substitutes, dairy susbstitutes, gluten-free options, sauces and dressing.  

Plant-based Meal Plan $25 Value

 Contains 4 weeks meal plan + grocery list

Health & Cooking Tips Cards $17 Value

16 beautifully designed cards that you can cut and stick in your kitchen

A Change of Mind $15 Value

Life changing information about the mind and the #1 thing you must know and do to keep off your weight for good without battling with yourself

Total Value = $85
Today’s Deals = $17

What Recipes This Bundle Include:

Whole Food Plant-based Recipes

Delicious Meat, Dairy, and Egg Substitutes

Gluten-free Options

19 Breakfast Recipes

23 Lunch Recipes

11 Dinner Recipes

What Recipes This Bundle Do Not Include:

Highly Processed Foods

Complicated meals that take hours to prepare

Recipes that families will have a difficult time enjoying

Want To Know What People are Saying?

“I was 180 pounds when I was introduced to plant-based eating. Best decision I ever made, I now weigh 148 pounds! In just 4 months and it just keeps going down! She helped me reach my goal. Not only have I lost weight but I feel better than ever, I feel great! My energy, my mental health always feels at 100%. I am so thankful and grateful for learning so much from her.” – kathy

“Anne-Laure put me on a diet that I had never tried before! Not only it didn’t feel restrictive but it was delicious. This is a diet that you actually don’t feel on a diet lol. And it is more a lifelong change than a short-term diet. I have lost the weight I needed to and the amazing thing is that I went off the medication I had to take for some immune system issues. My mind became also clearer and I experience less anxiety and more peace. What a blessing this change has been!” – Aldine

I have been battling with extra pounds for a while and I have tried many diets that would not work. Anne-Laure put me on a diet that not only was delicious but that made me lose about 10 pounds in a week! Even if she told me to put aside some of the food I used to eat, it didn’t feel restrictive and it was enjoyable. I am thankful for her help and I praise God for his goodness and mercy toward me.” – Kera

Hi, There!

I’m Anne-Laure.

I am a certified health coach and wellness enthusiast who helps people regain their energy and vitality, get a better relationship with food, reduce stress, improve mood, get good sleep, and adopt a balanced lifestyle.

This is me BEFORE I adopted the right diet

This is me AFTER adopting the right diet and adopting it as a lifestyle

In this pack, you will find life-changing information that has helped me lose weight and to keep it off

Give Yourself What You deserve.


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